Obama: Non-Performance Presidency, the Consequences

We should note that having a non-performing Presidency has consequences.  U.S. domestic policy isn’t where one looks to see its reverberations.   But those nations that have aligned with us whose internal political, social or geographic constitutions are unnaturally affiliated or whose social state requires outsized portions of ‘stability’ are very vulnerable to the machinations that animate team Obama.

Past Presidents understood the interlocking venues of intersecting irreconcilable policy achievements; adults baptized by fire in the hallways of political state houses are fit to gain the tribulations incurred when one becomes elected to an executive leadership job.

Contemporary liberalism’s sacrament of moral equivalency hides the gyrations pummeling the Near East, Persian Gulf & Ukraine.

Any political autopsy of regional ‘pivots’ like the Near East reveal the absolute necessity for a benevolent hegemony to sustain regional stability.  Its not self executing!!  This particular region has always required both internal, external brokers to curb passionate political ambitions.  Up until the 1950’s, England served as such a sponsor.  Beginning in the 1960’s, the role fell to the U.S.

Utopian dreamers firmly believe in the promising rhetoric of new beginnings, this is what underwrites their misplaced convictions.  But one cannot learn this as a leading executive.  Witness Secretary of State John Kerry’s utopian schemata of climate change amid an unraveling of continuous policy failure throughout the entire Near East, Persian Gulf.

A non-performing Presidency continues to be hidden by various machinations of a compliant press corp.  Even the energetic but ultimately unproductive activism that became of Hilary Clinton at State can no longer hide what’s in plain sight:  imminent failure.

The Persian Gulf, Ukraine, and the entire Near East faces a power vacuum that WILL TEAR IT APART!  The impact of this failed Presidency will be felt for decades.  Those with regional expertise can understand the unforeseeable consequences for positive regional development, stability and containment NOW LOST.

The Saudi’s, Pakistan, India, numerous nations that have remained tied to the benevolent hegemony of a Pax Americana are now cut loose to find new balancing partners.

They will choose Russia.

The U.S. will hand the entire Near East, Turkey, & Persian Gulf to Russia.

Syria:  we’ve made it clear with high rhetoric and feeble commitment.

Turkey:  we’ve made it clear by failing to notify Turkey’s NATO status commitment to democratic norms and western style regional alliances that balance competing international interests favorable to democratic norms of governance.

Suddenly, all roads seem to lead to Moscow.

Just ask the recently denuded Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, that wile unreliable fox was caught soliciting favorable positioning of Russian interests throughout the Kingdom only to find himself rebuffed by ‘preferential conditions’ offered by Hassan Rouhani and a potential Tehran-Moscow annex of strategic partnership effectively filleting the Pax Americana alive!

Note:  the Iranians will be hosting Putin soon, this matches hosts of delegations solicited from past regional allies throughout the Gulf.  United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq,  ALL ARE DEEPLY WORRIED ABOUT A RETREATING PAX AMERICANA.

Even the Syrian pro-democracy groups are beginning to view Moscow are a new balancing power!!

The latest pilgrim to lay fealty abroad to Moscow was Adul-Fattah el-Sissi.  Even with new American technological advanced Air Force weaponry, he’s decided to make time for Russian advances in helping him defeat the Muslim Brotherhood to advance his Presidential bid.

Stay tuned, what we’re witnessing abroad throughout the entire world is an AMERICA IN RETREAT!


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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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